My name is Jeffrey.  I am a Stanford engineering Ph.D and a private pilot.  Two years ago I was offered a very rare opportunity in Duluth, Minnesota; design a new airplane from a clean sheet of paper. 

Winter here is very cold with a lot of snow.  Often it is -20°F (-29°C) with 20 mile/h (32 km/h) gust and with a windchill that can plummet temps to –44°F below zero range and lower.  One very cold day I asked my colleague “When I go out, I have a jacket for my upper body to stay warm, but how about keeping my legs warm too?”  His reply?  “Walk fast.”   I thought to myself, there has got to be a better way.  Necessity became the pursuit of my new invention!

Winter here is very cold.  Often it is -20°F (-29°C) with 20 mile/h (32 km/h) gust.  I asked my colleague:” When I go out, I have a jacket for my upper body, but how about my legs?”  “Walk fast.” was the answer.  There got to be a better way.  

I started sketching.   After several sketches I cut up a pair of my pajamas.  After running out of used pajamas, I made a prototype using wool fabric with the help of a seamstress.  I wore the prototype snow pants everyday during my second winter in Duluth.  I was warm and my winter weight reduced from 10 lbs the first winter to 3 lbs the second winter.  Then people asked me where to buy the snow pants you can easily wear over your pants to stay warm.

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